New to Church?  What to expect and FAQ

A big welcome to you if you've never been to church before or are new to St Peter's.  Here are some of the questions people often ask before they come to church.

What happens on a Sunday morning?
Find out more on the Sunday at 10:30am page

How long is the service?
The service is around an hour and a half long 

Where can I park?
We don't have a car park but you can park in the roads around and the Marymead shops car park

What should I wear?
There is no dress code - just come in your normal clothes

What about children?
Children are very welcome and there are children's groups that run during the service, except when it's a celebration service and the whole service is for all ages

Do I have to give money?
There is a collection bowl by the front door if you want to make a donation but you don't have to

Do I have to pay for refreshemnts?
Refreshments are free