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All Age Services 

What is an all age service?

An all age service is a service that we put together that has all ages in mind.

What to expect?

We know that children do not have as long attention span as adults, so our all age services are shorter. We put together activity packs and many times we present puppet shows and get kids involved.

Can I bring my child to any service or only all age services?

Our normal services are aimed at adults with an expectation that if your child would like to join in they could attend our kids or youth church that run alongside. If you would like to bring any age child to any of our services they will be welcome, we do not shy from crying or playing children so please do feel comfortable whatever your child decides.


How frequent do we have an all age service?

We normally have at least one all aged service per term.

Throughout the summer we have five or six summer services for all ages.

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