Our vision: Living God's Love

Vision of the Diocese of St Albans

We share the vision of St Alban's Diocese (of which we are a part).

We aim to be Living God's Love so that the kingdom of God might grow in this world

Our vision is to be a flourishing community with Jesus at the centre, which inspires people of all ages and backgounds to:

discover God,

grow in their relationship with Jesus

and respond to God's transforming love by serving others.

We want to do this with generosity, joy, imagination and courage.

The vision we hold for St Peter's Church is:

We want to be a welcoming community that loves people of all ages and looks after them.

We want to be “A Furnace” where people meet with Jesus, where lives are transformed by his presence, where miracles happen and where people are sent out by the Holy Spirit on fire for God.


We want to be a church that enables people of all ages to become more mature followers of Christ and rely on him in prayer. (Eph 4:12-13)


We want to be a serving church at the heart of the community 

Our mission action plan

These are our aims for the next 3-5 years:  2018 - 2023


1.  To buy new chairs for the church, which are easier to move and can stack.  This will enable us to use the space more flexibly for different events during the week


2.  To focus our reaching new people on young people, by either employing a youth worker or expanding the youth work in other ways

3.  To redevelop the church entrance so that it is fully accessible and allows people to see in.